We see applications, infrastructure and employees as key components of a complex, interconnected, living systems of technologies that continuously work to meet new market opportunities and challenges

Software Engineering


Backed up by a decade of software engineering, Celestial Geoconsultants Limited has an independent team of seasoned programmers and software consultants with vast knowledge in web development & design, mobile development, web applications development, desktop application development, software design, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and Deep Learning. We not only offer cost effective computer services and long-term software maintenance policies but also we focus on solving intractable business problems in creative, unexpected and pragmatic ways, using data, artificial intelligence, cloud and new technologies.

Server Architecture


Celestial software development team is not only flexible but also capable of configuring new or existing server regardless of server location (online or physical). We offer server optimization for performance, website deployment, production environment security configurations, services maintenance, server troubleshooting, mail server setup and others.

Internet of Things


Celestial has partnered with and outsources from best local and international IOT firms to deliver state-of-the-art electronics and robotics solutions. Well seasoned developers and big data scientists at Celestial takes full responsibility of data aggregation, analysis and visualization to support evidence based decision and policy making.

Support Services


On regular request of the clients, we offer software upgrade and hardware support services especially for systems that we consulted for their development. We offer warranted services for an initial period of time, with the option of adding extended warranty coverage. Agility of our support services team shortens response and fault correction time.