Land Survey

Entails General Boundary Survey (Mutation) and Fixed Boundary Survey (Cadastral) for the purpose of boundary confirmations, subdivision of parcels, establishment of beacons, obtaining deed plans and RIMs for the purpose of registrations.

Engineering Survey

For execution of infrastructures, development and building projects, survey is key for proper and right positioning/transferring of design to ground to its correct level and location to fit into space as designed.

Topographical Survey

Detail surveys at all specifications, ranging in size and complexity. This is to support planning and design of proposed development projects. Detection of underground services available as optional extras.

Groundwater Hydro-Geological Survey

Before borehole drilling is done, it's very important to conduct a Hydro-Geological Survey to ascertain suitable sites for exploration of significant quantities of groundwater. We use a combination geophysical methods to assist in the assessment of geological sub-surface conditions; mostly we use the resistivity method, vertical electrical sounding(VES) and horizonatal electrical profiling(HEP). We ensure a permit from Water Resource Management Authority(WRMA) is issued to our client after geological survey report submission. WRMA permit is a requirement before borehole drilling.


Allows for the consideration, analysis and interpretation of the range of factors that have an influence over ecosystems, resources and the quality of life of both individuals and communities. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that decision makers consider the environmental impacts when deciding whether or not to proceed with a project.

Mapping and Planning

Production of map and non-graphic information that can support decision-making and problem solving, and provide almost instantaneous answers to complex spatial questions. May involve use of GIS to capture, manipulate, display and output a wide range of information.